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ADVANCED SEMICONDUCTOR BUSINESS INC: manufacturer of the rf amplifier mmics and modules for wireless and cabled systems. more than 20 years experience.
AGILE MICROWAVE TECHNOLOGY INC: customer specific and off the shelf amplifers and control products. lna up to 25 ghz, medium power broadband: up to 30 ghz, high power broadband amplifiers. design services.
AMCOM COMMUNICATIONS: mid-volume manufacturer of gaas, gan amplifiers and transistors.
AMERICAN TECHNICAL CERAMICS: most well known and reputable manufacturer of hiq rf/microwave capacitors.
EMPOWER RF SYSTEMS INC: power amplifier modules, rack mount amplifiers, and multi-function pa integrated solutions up to 6 ghz.
JQL ELECTRONICS: ferrite circulator and isolator manufacturer with optimal price/performance ratio.
INTEGRA TECHNOLOGIES INC: manufacturer of unique power transistors, pallets and modules utilizing gan, ldmos, bipolar technologies worth best in the industry performance.
WEINSCHEL ASSOCIATES: specialized manufacturer of optimal high power resistor products for laboratory usage
WERLATONE: leading supplier of high power broadband passive rf components
WEVERCOMM: filter products, tma, diplexers, power combiners
SYNERGY MICROWAVE CORPORATION: well known manufacturer of frequency generation products and hybrid components.