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Microwave Components Solutions Limited (MCS Ltd.) was formed as highly specialized RF and Microwave component and Subsystem distributor and sales representative dedicated to the Eastern European market.

Company has a unique concept and operates simultaneously in the following areas:

Distributor for a range of dedicated RF/Microwave manufacturers with particular focus for carefully selected medium and small ambitious enterprises which are able to produce highly innovative products which could form our synergetic offerings to our customers. Microwave Components Solutions emphasizes on close working relationships with dedicated and carefully selected customer base bringing the optimized solutions to our principals which as result can show quick progress and return on investments. Some products are solely designed to use within the customer specifications, so we can offer much more than a combination of standard catalog items. We are always committed to highest level of service to our customers and high business ethics. As a distributor company we are backed by proper financial resources which allow us to offer extended credit terms and financial flexibility to our customers along with serious buffer and security stocks for long term orders.

Company works as extension of principal’s sales force utilizing our highly professional team in multiple locations. Our stuff has more than 15 year experience in supply chain of electronic components business in dedicated RF/Microwave market. Experience was acquired by working in environments of franchised and independent distribution as well as working directly amongst sale force of RF components manufacturers.

Custom manufacture and design of microwave circuits and market consultancy.

Custom manufacture is suited with goal to offer to our customer a more unique or customized product in case that is not in the direct sphere of interest of our principal. That allow us to grow some opportunities for our principals from the stages where they are particularly not important to them due to absence of proper resources or technology while we are having own trust into that project.


Consultancy services: Microwave Components Solutions can act as independent market research and consultant for the companies expecting to enter the Eastern European market in the field of RF/Microwave components. We can evaluate potential customers and check on validity of provided customer applications. We can offer professional services to increase business activity for our selected clients. The services we offer in this area are generally on recommendation as we treat customer confidentially very high within our policy.

Our strength is our engineering and sales background with over 15 year market experience successfully selling in this field, combined with existing and ongoing relationships with the major customers and local sales channels.

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